February is nearly over, there’s a peak of Spring sunshine through the clouds and with the shift in season and change in weather… also comes the cold and flu season! People sniffing and coughing on the tubes and trains as cold and flu are spreading and catching everyone including myself!! So here’s my top 5 remedies I use to help beat the sickness and stay healthy this Spring – all 100% Yogi tested!

  1. Echinacea – Treatment & prevention for sinus / respiratory issues, common colds and flu. You can get it in various forms from your health food shops such as tea and tablets, my favourite way to take it is in essence form which you dilute into water. That way it also helps me to drink more and it tastes quite nice. Start taking as soon as you start to feel the first symptoms of cold appearing as it can help you fight symptoms early sometimes even preventing sickness, as well as relieving symptoms.
  2. Lemon & Honey Tea: Coughs and sore throats. Add boiling water to one slice of lemon and a heaped teaspoon of honey. Try to use local honey if you can as there are added benefits for fighting hay fever. This simple concoction has a soothing effect on the throat helping to deal with the symptoms as well as make your voice sound more itself! This is a go too for me for a treat even when I’m not sick as its yummy!
  3. Turmeric Latte: Depression, anti-inflammatory helps with skin and a host of other issues. Generally, I use this to give me a little energy boost treat and make me feel good. There are lots of resources boasting a host of other benefits but this is my blues buster drink especially good in the winter depression. The recipe I use is:
    1. 2 inches fresh turmeric root, 1 inch fresh ginger root, both finely chopped 2 mugs of almond or coconut milk (if you have powder you can use this instead in the same proportions approximately 1tsp of turmeric and ½ tsp ginger – less if you want a milder taste you can always add more!).
    2. Gently heat all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil
    3. If using fresh ingredients, give a quick blitz in a food processor
    4. Return to the pan and heat before serving
  4. Ginger Lemon & Cayenne Shots: Nausea, immune support, aids digestion. Although I should make my own I haven’t yet but luckily you can get these in most health food shops and I believe Pret may even be selling them in some stores now so easy to get your hands on. This is another go to for me when I’m feeling a little run down and in need of an energy boost.
  5. Peppermint Tea: Aids digestion. I live on peppermint tea, any bloating, indigestion and issues with my stomach and I’m on the peppermint tea. There are also peppermint oils you can use to treat digestion but they are a lot pricier and I find the tea usually does the trick. Some taste stronger than others, but Twinings Peppermint tea or Pukka Three mint tea are two I recommend.

The two obvious last steps to get fighting fit is to sleep and drink lots of water! When you get sick your body is often trying to tell you to slow down. Listen to your body, sleep, rest up use this as an opportunity to pamper yourself. Watch happy films, listen to positive music and surround yourself with positive vibes. Boosting your mood can help to shake off those bugs even quicker! Hope this helps, and when you’re better come to class!