About Me

Growing up as an elite acrobatics gymnast it was a strong Power Vinyasa practice that got me hooked. Completing 350hrs Power Vinyasa training with Duncan Peak at Power Living Australia. I have since been teaching in London for over 7 years, completing 200hrs further training on alignment with Jason Crandell, 50hrs Rocket Yoga with The Yoga People, 25hrs Myofascial Release Training with Yoga Medicine and 100hrs Yin Yoga and meditation with Sarah Powers. I am passionate about bringing depth and variety to each practice, focusing on experiencing the postures and feeling balanced.

Expect to be challenged in class with strong, unique flows, and juicy stretches with a light-hearted, playful vibe. I enjoy finding expression through movement and love breaking down more challenging poses to make them accessible and work for everyone in class. Balancing strong practice styles with softer elements, I also love to combine Yin and Myofascial release techniques with meditation to find more space in both body and mind. My aim is to get you out of your thoughts and landed back into your breath and body with a smile. Hope to see you in class!

Online Yoga Classes London

Weekly Yoga Classes in London

Join me online and in studios across London, for weekly yoga classes. You can expect unique sequences, incorporating stretches, strength and movement to get you out of your head, connected with breath and landing back into your body.

Check out my weekly timetable to book a class. Or contact me for private, one-to-one or corporate classes.

Yoga Workshops London

Yin & Myofascial Release Workshops

Join me for a workshop to get deep into the body, releasing tension, connecting to discomfort and finding space.

Combining Myofascial Release Techniques with Yin Yoga poses these workshops are a unique way to reconnect to your body and mind to find space. Giving you an insight into these practices, and building greater awareness of how to use these techniques to give you freedom in the body as well as promote restoration and balance.

If you are in need of a bit of self care check out my upcoming events to book your spot.

One-to-one yoga classes London

On Demand Classes

Home practice has now become the norm for a-lot of us and there are days we just cant make it to a live or in person class. So if you want to continue practicing in your own time, in your own space contact me to purchase Individual on demand classes or Class Series.

There is lots of fresh content in my class library for you to move too. Including specialised Myofascial Release classes, Yoga class series, & individual classes.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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One-to-one Yoga Classes

One-to-one private yoga classes both in person and online, are an opportunity to focus on you. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or just want an opportunity to have a class to yourself in the comfort of your home. Private yoga classes are the perfect way to dive deeper and give yourself a class thats just what you need when you need it.

For more information about private classes, or to arrange a free phone consultation, please get in touch I would love to hear from you.