Class Reviews 

Here are some of the class reviews from my students to give you a feel of what to expect in class:

“Lovely class again! So innovative and inspiring, as always. Thank you!”

“Loved it! Thank you SO much Robyn! ❤”

“I just love your flow-classes! They are challenging but every time I notice my self doing something I didn’t think I could. Thank you!”

“I really liked the fast vinyasa pace. This was such a nice class, thank you, Robyn.”

“Thanks so much! I really wanted feedback on if I was doing some of the most common poses correctly, and wanted to learn how to do them correctly. This class answered a lot of my questions! Thanks :)”

“5* – Instructions so clear that even a stiff geriatric understood what he should be doing. Can only hope that practice and persistence will encourage my tight joints and soft tissues to join in and follow them. Excellent.”

“Fabulous class. I don’t know how u do it, but yet another flow I’ve never seen!! very fun and unique. Especially liked almost flying into half moon. The twists and stretches complimented the flow wonderfully well. Can’t wait until next week. Thanks!”

“Amazing! Enjoyed that a lot although seemed to be impossible for me to get to plank from the wild thing smoothly :)”

“Great! 🙂 I am so glad that I joined even if I felt completely tired.”

“Robyn’s relaxing yoga is the best! She’s got the perfect soft voice and all.”

“Really wonderful class. The flow was superb. you must dream of flows; always so creative and unique. a full hour packed into 30 minutes. Nice balance challenges incorporated throughout. Thanks for a great class, see u next time!”

“Excellent. Loved the layering sequence – it flowed like a dance routine!”

“Sunrise Yoga! Best way to start the working day. With a peaceful mind and open soul, Robyn made the 5am wake up’s easy. This relaxed corporate session was a great team activity each week. It brought everyone together and provided a combination of health, fitness and peace of mind, getting us ready for the working day. Robyn was the perfect teacher – patient with the different levels of experience in the teams, however also made us all sweat! Great work out, we would high recommend. Thanks MCN Team”

“This was great to start my balance, which I’ve had problems with. Very relaxing and I’m glad the teacher includes ways to alter if you are less flexible. Wonderful class, looking forward to more from this teacher!”

You’ve read the class reviews ready to book a spot for class? Check out the timetable here or get in touch to ask any questions you may have. I hope to see you on the mat soon!