Bespoke Private Yoga Classes & Online Classes:

Interested in practicing yoga at your own pace, focused on what you want to work on? Or perhaps you want to work on your alignment or to see specific progress in your practice?

A bespoke, 1-2-1 private yoga class give you the chance to explore a deeper side to your practice, at your own pace, to ask questions and explore variations that work for you. These can be offered online or in person, and if you prefer to practice alone at home I can also create bespoke class recordings for you! Whether working to build good foundations, working towards a set goal, learning to practice safely with an injury, or simply finding some time for you to focus whilst the kids play at home. Private classes can be adapted for you, your needs and focus. Giving you a real opportunity to dive into your yoga and see your practice evolve.

I am experienced teaching all levels and combine my knowledge of Vinyasa Yoga, Power, Rocket, Yin, Meditation and Myofascial Release techniques to create unique classes that work for you. I love helping people to explore the yoga poses, techniques and find new ways to connect to the practice. All classes are tailored specifically for you and your aims, whilst finding the fun and joy in the challenge of the practice!

If you are interested in finding out more about private yoga classes get in touch, to discuss having a FREE consultation and setting up a taster class, I would love to hear from you. – 07391449633